She lives BIG and strives to help everyone else reach their potential and be their absolute best.

Lori W. Allen transforms your staff and revolutionizes your practice. Through one-on-one engagement, individualized training and unparalleled commitment, Lori energizes your office and staff to achieve administrative and clinical excellence. Lori blends the structure of industry-proven, specific and rigorous processes and protocols with necessary personnel skills such as teamwork, assertiveness, attitude, time management and customer service to motivate and instill the drive to be, and achieve, the absolute best.

There’s no denying that when people are around Lori, they experience a sense of satisfaction in one form or another. Her sensitivity allows her to truly understand and appreciate what others try to convey. And because she can be fiery in her responses, she seems to help others release any pent-up negative emotions. And because she is passionate, she fervently gives her all in what she does. And because she is far from being inconspicuous, she tends to provide the excuse for others to also be different and to stand out in their own unique way.


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