Energy Breeds Energy

What kind of energy do you exude?  Have you ever really thought about it?  When you walk into a room are you a calming presence?  A jovial energy? A force of nature?  Think about how your energy affects the room and the people around you.  Think about how your energy affects your life and your drive personally and professionally. Your unique personality makes you special and appreciating the personalities of others is what makes life so interesting, but your energy is a trait that you can actually cultivate.  Giving proper attention to your energy can have a solid, positive affect on all aspects of your life and your business.

There are five aspects of energy that come together to create the energy you use to engage life; the energy that drives your purpose in life.

  1. Physical Energy: Regular, physical exercise creates endorphins (natural mood enhancers) and enhances proper sleep.  Proper sleep is vital in the physical energy you have throughout your day.
  2. Chemical Energy: When you put good in, you get good out!  You must nourish your body and fuel your energy.
  3. Emotional Energy: Take time to appreciate the “small” things. Laugh, love, and give. Plan your actions with a purpose.
  4. Universal or Spiritual Energy: Meditate, pray, take time to find quiet and reflect.
  5. Business Energy: Motivate, lead, produce, and strive.

Each of these aspects of energy are actionable. Through your engagement in each aspect you can form your outlook and cultivate your influence.  Through this energy, your purpose in your practice is reflected in the motivation and culture of the practice and the staff. Why did you build this practice? What was your objective? Think about the difference you were trying to make. How has your energy helped you to make this difference?  What is your purpose and how is your energy helping you to realize your purpose?

Your purpose is what gives you pride in your work, pride in helping others to achieve wellbeing.  This pride also motives people to work harder at making the practice even better and inspires people to strive for even greater success. You are the leader! You set the tone! Your energy has a direct effect on your staff and your patients. Your energy creates this chain reaction, and as you feed the purpose and culture of your practice, the cycle continues.

Your team feeds off the energy you bring to the practice. When you walk through the doors and greet your staff, are you giving them your best? Are you elevating the morale and pumping up the high energy? Is your staff happy to see you? Do they see your leadership as uplifting? Examine how you engage and how you lead. You are the captain of the ship. You have the power to uplift your staff, your patients and your practice as a whole. You must simply take the time to invest in the creation of your positive energy.

Everyone has bad days, everyone has times when the glass is half-full, and energy is low.  Knowing the aspects of a positive outlook and energy gives you tools to move forward through those “bad days” and lead yourself back to motivation, positive attitude and high energy.  And perhaps more importantly, you have the resources and power to help your staff to do the same.  Leaders lead and guide, and bosses dictate and rule. Be a leader.

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