How to Interview, Hire and Train an All-Star Staff

Part 1: Starting Your All-Star Staffing Journey

I have worked alongside some of the best, most successful practices in the country, and one element these stellar practices have in common? A strong team with a positive attitude, an all-star staff.  But, no matter the practice, hiring new staff is a reality every owner and manager must face. You have a vacancy in your office and need to fill the position immediately? Don’t panic and try to shove a square peg into a round hole.  Take a breath and assess the situation.  Ask yourself the following questions: Do you have a detailed job description with objectives and goals for the position? Do you have written policies and procedures for your employees? What is your training process? Do you have a structured interview process to select the best candidate for the position?

These questions must be answered in the affirmative and you must be prepared to before you even place an ad for a new employee. You know and understand the culture of your practice. Hire the personality that fits your culture, and train on the necessary skills.

Your goal as a provider is to facilitate the best possible outcome for your patients.  You strive to give your patients every tool and opportunity to live healthy, pain-free lives.  Imperative in your achievement of this goal is that you are surrounded with the best possible support.  This support is your all-star staff. Finding a staff that you can build into a strong team can be a daunting process that spans every industry and plagues every employer. But, throughout my 25 years of consulting and training in the chiropractic field, I have found tried and true methods that make this process not only manageable, but enjoyable too.

Placing Your Advertisement for an Employee

There are many avenues to explore when placing an ad for a new employee.  You know your market and your community.  Websites such as ZipRecruiter and Indeed are great resources, but your local online news source, industry trade publications or college job board may also be beneficial to your specific needs.

When placing your ad, be sure to include:

  • Job Description – Who you are looking for and why.
  • Job Type – Full Time/Part Time/Contract
  • Responsibilities/Job Duties
  • Education/Experience Requirements
  • Benefits
  • How to Apply
  • You can also choose to include more personal touches concerning the environment and culture of your practice. Descriptions such as fast-paced, family-owned, or growing/expanding may suit your practice and give potential applicants a feel for the organization.

So, you’ve placed your advertisements for a new employee and the emails and resumes are beginning to come in.  Don’t let this overwhelm you. The interview process is your opportunity to get to know the talent.  Don’t look at this as a chore.  When done properly, the interview process can save you time and money ensuring that you don’t hire the wrong person for your team.  Prospective employees need to be enthusiastic about your vision and display a positive attitude, high energy, and a willingness to be learn and be coached.

The first step of the interview process is a telephone interview.  This short exchange is necessary to narrow the field of recruits and ensure that your face-to-face interview time is well-spent. You want to gather general information, including:

  • Are you looking for full or part-time work?
  • What are your hours of availability?
  • When are you available to start?
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • What experience/training do you have in the field?

Your time is valuable, so it is extremely important to make the most of your face-to-face interviews. Look for my next article where we will take a closer look at the best interviewing and training practices so you can continue to build your all-star staff!

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